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As the world shifts from dropping by a store to packages dropped on your doorstep, clear and concise standards around shipping, in this shipping policy You will learn about shipping Procedure and Time , Costing Calcuations, Liablities and Guarantees.

  • Costs
  • Methods and how long each method will take
  • Handling times
  • Times orders must be placed for certain guarantees such as same-day shipping
  • Restrictions on delivery, such as no P.O. boxes
  • Guarantees
  • Claims
  • Insurance
  • Any other useful information for the customer

Costs ?

Shipping or package transportation is major part involves in day to day business as it decides on your procuerment expenses and additonal costs on selling the products to end users. Being in Textile Industry we constant work with in house teams and feedbacks from our fellow users to offer best out of the current market to benefit our clients and open a big marginal windows for them.

hwo shipping costs are calculated, we have automated systems designed to eliminate human intervantions to smoothen and fasten the shipping process and present fast possible goods delivery to our buyers with afforable shipping costs.

In some circumstances, if the manual order is placed and client asks for custom delivery arrangements shipping costs are informed on actuals concidering the available shipping networks in the delivery locations, package packing , package weights , mode of delivery and transit times.

we mainly offer following shipping modes Surface network Cargo Delivery , Commercial Cargo Delivery (Transports) , Air Shipping for domestic network , International Air Cargo Delivery , International Heavy Cargo By Sea ways , Special Arranged Delivery of Remote Areas.

Through Various Services involved in the processed there is price fluctuations on the prices offered by shipping companies at the times on actuals on particulars , there are flat rate shippings on eligible orders and delivery locations , there are incresing shipping costs per kgs basis and there are bulk shipment benefits as well.

What Mode of Shipping you should select ?

Basically we need to have goods on time to our delivery locations and at the same time we look for affordable options we can try following in those cases.

Methods of Shipping

There are in Various modes of shipping we offer as follows depending on your requirments and acceptance of service offered by shipping company.

1 ) Surface Shipping

2) Air Mode Shipping (Domestic)

3) Commerical Cargo (Domestic)

4) Special Arranged Delivery ( Domestic )

5) International Air Shipping

6) Sea ways Shipping (International)

There are sevral criteria's applied and required to filled while choosing the shipping mode such as, if you select Surface Courier They need network availablity in your area and pincode.

Shipping cost will be based on actual products weight , minimum weight slab of the surface courier , Dimensional Weight of the package , Service taxes and extended delivery charges as per transit duration and distance.

while in case of air mode of shipping it will be expensive and limited to air connectivity areas across india , timely delivery is possible by air mode of shipping but that comes with extra expenses.

Commerical Shipments need minimum Shipping weights as per cargo moving companies and their rules even in some cases they would accept smaller weight packages but the shipping charge will be on minimum weight slab offered by commerical cargo moving company.

commerical cargo companies offer ware house delivery pickup services and need to fulfil all the govt regulatories while choosing the commerical shipping by cargo moving company.

International air mode of shipping needs no minimum weight slabs but for better rates on actuals they need bulk weights of shipping to adjust prices offered by air courier to international locations.

remote areas special arranged deliveries are arranged when there are no courier or commerical logistic services available to customers location and shipping weight is more in those cases we work out with shipping companies to get the packages delivered to customer locations with extended delivery costs.

What Shipping Netoworks we use for shipping services ?

Domestic Surface

Fedex , Blue Dart , Aramex , Delhivery , DTDC and Indian Postal Services , Safexpress.

Domestic Air Shipping

Fedex Air , Dart Express , TPC India , DTDC Air

Remote Area Special Arranged Delivery

Rail Mail Services , Indian Postal Services , Fedex Extended Delivery , Blue Dart Extended Delivery and Safexpress Extended Delivery.

Commerical Cargo

Leading Cargo Movers and Packers , Logistics Companies across india.

International Air Mode

Fedex , DHL , UPS , US Mail , UK Mail , AU Mail , Air Canada etc.

Sea Way Shipping

Carries Varies as per cargo avalablity at the time of cargo booking.

Where We Ship to ?

We Ship Orders across india 19100 postal codes on both Door Delivery and Self Collection options.

We ship Orders World Wide Using Both Shipping Services Mentioned Above.

International Shipping Concerns

for international buyers there is always a hassel to import goods from other coutries and have a smooth buying experinace with we offer complete hassel free process to import goods from us to your country with the help of our shipping partners and in house support team for guidence of Customs , Shipping Bills , Payments and Clearance.

Where Should I Track my Order Details ?

Once You Get Tracking Details as those updated usually in 24 hours you can track the same on respective courier shipping company tracking portal , if getting difficulties in order tracking you can ask for assistance on order tracking from the sale sand support team Shiona.In

Claim ?

Generally, an "agree to terms" checkbox for your terms of service, which includes your shipping policy, should be enough. However, in situations where you will be dealing with complicated shipping issues, customs inspections, or other concerns, require customers to separately read and understand your shipping policy. It will limit confusion and set the groundwork to resolve disputes.

In Transit Loss of shipments if you select an courier options both surface or air mode without insurances , if in any unfortunate event if the package is loss or damaged in transit customer needs to approch shipping companies for the claims settlemets.

if the package insurance is done in part or full will look after the issue settlements and getting claim amounts settlement to you directly.

Shipping Policies and Other Legal Agreements

We have Tried to explain all the shipping policies and terms covering the topic , also there are additional terms and conditions on actual and particular shipping comapnies from where your package is being shipped and transported to you. if any further information is required feel free to drop us an email to