Refund Policy | Shiona India | Shiona.In Refund Policy

Once we receive your return or the Manufacturer or Ware House notifies us of receipt of return, a refund is processed further with appropriate payment arrangements.

Table of Contents
  • Refund Timelines
  • Refund for Prepaid Bank Payment Delivery Orders
  • Paper Cheque Clearing
  • Shipping Cost Refunds
  • Refund for Prepaid Online Payment Delivery Orders
  • Refund for International Orders
  • Transit Loss or Un Insuraced Shipments

Refund Timelines

Following are the refund processing timelines after the item is received by Amazon or the Seller notifies us of the receipt of the return:

Refund method Refund Time-frame
Shion Self Processed orders Manufacturer-Fulfilled orders
Prepaid Online Payment Orders
Shiona Credit Pay Balance 24 hours
Credit/Debit Card

5-7 Business Days

(Except the Payment Processing Charges Levied By Respective Payment Processing , Issuing Bank or Processors.)

5-12 Business Days
Net Banking (Credited to Bank Account)
UPI Linked Bank Account 2-4 business days
Prepaid Bank Payment Orders
NEFT to Bank Account 3-7 Business Days 5-10 Business Days
Shiona Credit Pay Balance 24 hours
Paper Cheque 8-15 business days

  • If the standard time-frame as mentioned in the above table has expired and you have still not received the refund, please contact your credit or debit card issuer or your bank for more information. Refunds will not be processed in cash. Refunds can be processed via paper cheque only in exceptional cases.

For Fulfilled by Shiona orders:

  1. If the payment method, which you used to make the payment (such as credit/ debit card) at the time of purchase, is no longer valid, refund will be issued through a demand draft or a Cheque.
  2. If we receive a payment failure notice from your bank, refund will be issued through a demand draft or Cheque.

We will send you an e-mail asking you to call us and provide your name and address where you want the demand draft / Cheuqe to be sent. After we receive these details, refund will be initiated and Processed further.

For Manufacturer-Fulfilled orders:

  1. For damaged/ defective items, the Manufacturer will issue a refund if the item cannot be repaired or replaced.
  2. In any case where a refund is required, the Manufacturer(s) need to authorise that refund. can assist in facilitating refunds for you only when the manufacturer notifies us of the receipt of the item. Once the manufacturer notifies us of the receipt of the return item, the above refund time period will apply for processing refunds.

Refund for Prepaid Online Payment Orders

For Prepaid Online Payment orders, refunds will be processed on Original Payment Method Used to Make Payment  or to your bank account (via National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT)) or Shiona account (as Shiona Credit Pay balance). If you wish to receive the Prepaid Online Payment order amount refund to your bank account, you can update the details of the bank account by giving us your written confirmation transection details on email address of support team.

Note: Refunds cannot be processed to third-party accounts or pass on to someone else. The name on your shiona order account should match with the name of the bank account holder.

Paper cheque clearing

All cheque refunds will be in form of "at par" ICICI or company official accounts bearing banks. All Bank cheques are cleared locally :

  • If you plan to present the cheque in person in any other city, ensure that your beneficiary bank sends the cheque for outstation clearing.
  • If you are dropping the cheque in a clearance box in any of the above cities, use the box marked Local Cheques.
  • If you are dropping the cheque in a clearance box in any other city, use the box marked Outstation Cheques.
  • Failing to follow the above instructions might result in the cheque not being processed and a penalty being levied by the bank.

Note: Once a cheque is issued, shiona will send you an e-mail with the tracking details of the refund cheque within 4 business days from the date of refund.

Shipping Cost Refunds

For Fulfilled by shiona and Eligible items and manufacturer-Fulfilled items, return shipping costs of upto Rs. 100 will be refunded.

order to and from costs are born by buyer exclusively in case of returns or exchanges shiona india offers refund shipping costs upto 100 indian rupees.

if any. Note: If you incur return shipping charges over Rs.100 for returning large and heavy items, you can contact us for an additional return shipment arrangement assistance. Please note that the above benefits are not applied for orders shipped to outside india or international locations to and from shipping costs along with custom duty needs to be born by buyer in case.

Transit Loss or Un Insured Packages

in case of your package travelling through Indian Govt Post. Issue To be Addressed By Buyer as all the shipments transiting through indian post service are at buyers risk or owners risk.

Transport Loss if in case of your shipment is damaged or any loss , theft is occured transport company will resolve the issues by their internal terms and conditions to be followed by buyer consignee of goods.

in case of courier , loss of shipment courier company would resolve the issue with their internal terms and conditions.

for non insured shipments neither shiona india or courier or transit company bears any loss or claims made in regards the same stands false.