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Payment Methods Available on Shiona.In

We Will Cover the Guidelines on Methods of Various Payment Ways That You Can Use to Pay for Your Orders on Shiona.In

1) Bank Payment
2) Online Payment Options
3) Credit Facility
4) EMI Facility

Bank Payment Option.

While Sourcing Your Goods for Business we tend to make the experinace less hassy and easy for you.

While Selection of Order Check Out you will see offline or Bank Method of Payment Option Which Is Useful In Case You Wish to Pay your Order By Visiting Nearest Payments Bank Such as " ICICI Bank Ltd " for Cash Deposit of Your Order Amount. Alternatively you can initiate Number of Payment Options of Bank such as national Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) , You Can Approch any nearest bank branch to do the NEFT Transection by Filling Out the Neft Funds Transfer Form and Cash or Cheque along with the same upon successful NEFT Transection You will get the acknowledgement receipt from the bank with transection refrence number details for your records. Real time Gross Settlement (RTGS) This Payment Options used in case Your Order Amount Exceeds Amount Over 1 Lakh or Below 10 Lakhs Bank Would Ask you to fill and submit RTGS Form along with Cash Or Your Account Cheque to Process the RTGS Payment towards your Order to Our Company Account and You Will Receive a Acknowledgement Receipt from the Bank in Regards the same confirming the transection refrence number and time data stamp on it for your records.

if you dont hold any bank accounts you can simply approch the bank branch for payment cash deposit the amount and collect the payment deposit slip from the bank with the payment confirmation.

if you wish to transfer the Order Payment Amount using the draft or cheque you can do it so using bank branch or drop boxes facility available across various bank branches and ATMS or cash deposit machines.

for international orders wire transfer option is useful , where you can ask the requesting bank to initiate a swift or telegraph payment to destination country settlement bank.

Online Payment Options.

In Modern Era of today's world with growing economy and need of more easy ways for transections across all financial dealings we tend to take effort to make your buying experiance more easy and convinient without steping out side of your premises you can make payments using our online payment options such as online bank debit , credit and prepaid cards while making selection on payment once you opt for checkout you can select online payments option and select the appropriate way for making payments such as debit cards , atm cards ,credit cards , prepaid cards and initiate your payment transection completly online and much securely using our latest technology secured payment gateway channels. Once the Transection is completed you will get instant auto acknowledgement from bank and payment processing channel towards your payment and diduction of amount from your bank cards account.

Netbanking is alterntive to gateway payment cards selection if you dont hold any cards or have access to your banking credatials you can select to pay through your netbanking account.

EMI Payments

We Understand Growing Business Needs , Small Business owners , Shops , Retailers , individuals Facing Difficulties to Pay Lumpsome Payments Towards their Business Stock Payments Hense We have Initiated a Latest Offering from Our Banking Partners to Allow Eligible Customers Pay their Shopping Payments by Easy Monthly EMI. Eg If You Order Payment is Over 50000 and you wish to convert EMI to this amount it will be devided in 10 equel amounts payments and you can repay your Order Payments in Monthly Installments hens allowing you to stock more products as per your selling requirements avoiding to block immidiate business capital and free up the burden on order payments. Your EMI Payment Eligiblity can be checked online on checkout page itself.

Credit Payments

We understand Emerging Businesses and difficulties and have comeup with the Credit facility for our buyers so they can stock limit free and take benefit of burden free stocks for better selling.

to avail credit facility on your order payments please check your eligiblity on checkout payments page.