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Browse Latest Ladies Cotton Dress Materials These are the most popular and Exclusive type of the dress material that are preferred by Modern Day women. They are very simple in design and are generally used in daily wear. Colors play a very important role in the selection criteria. If selected properly then it can enhance the overall looks of the person. It is also available in various designs like floral patterns and prints that can help you to look brighter and more alive. One can use the cotton dress material according to one’s creativity. It can be used to design a dress, or sleeveless, ball gowns, western wear or it can be used for more traditional clothing like salwar suits or sarees. The price ranges are very wide starting from economy to premium. Thus, making it a suitable choice for the women of all sections of the society. Due to the various possible colors combination and design they are suitable for women of all age groups and all the tastes.

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  1. Mayur Khushi Vol 55
    Special Price ₹11,515.00 Regular Price ₹12,100.00
  2. Pranjul Priyanka Vol 7 Readymade
    Special Price ₹17,820.00 Regular Price ₹18,710.00
  3. Shree Ganesh Hansika Vol 7
    Special Price ₹13,860.00 Regular Price ₹14,400.00
  4. Pranjul Priyanshi Vol 20
    Special Price ₹13,860.00 Regular Price ₹14,500.00
  5. Suryajyoti Trendy Cottons Vol 49
    Special Price ₹7,900.00 Regular Price ₹8,300.00
  6. Suryajyoti Trendy Cottons Vol 49
    Special Price ₹7,900.00 Regular Price ₹8,400.00
  7. Pranjul Priyanka Vol 7
    Special Price ₹14,220.00 Regular Price ₹14,770.00
  8. Asopalav Vol 4
    Special Price ₹3,180.00 Regular Price ₹3,600.00

Items 19-27 of 125

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