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Dear Visitor Thanks for Taking Part in this Initiative to help those in need, due to Covid 19 , No Food no Money Cause them to strive and struggling to survive in this critical situation.
We at Shiona India Our Internal Team and Volunteers Came up with an Idea to Help those in Need , Our Internal Teams Have Given their Full Month of Salary and Shiona India have contributed the same. Volunteers are putting their effors as per their ability to be part of this nobel cause.
We Have Worked Out a Solution With Help of Local Authorities and Preparing to Deliver Foods Packages and Groceries to those who are in need, Be Part of this Initiative Let us Show We are United and let the Humanity Win Against the odd.
We urge You to Be part of this initiative by Donating the amount you can afford.

We Request You To Please Click on following Link to Proceed With Your Donation.

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